Ana Zão / Medical Doctor & Pianist

Founder and Director of the International Center for Arts Medicine, CUF Porto Institute  (the first center in Portugal dedicated to musicians, dancers and other performing artists).  

Founder and Coordinator of the Music Medicine Unit at Hospital de Guimarães.  

Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine specialist, competency in Pain Medicine, and  specialization in Sports Medicine, in Interventional Physiatry and in Performing Arts  Medicine.  

Hospitalar Assistant at Hospital de Guimarães (Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine  Department, Pain Unit, and Music Medicine Unit). 

Researcher at Center for Health Technology and Services Research – CINTESIS and PhD student in Clinical and Health Services Research at Faculty of Medicine, University  of Porto. She has focused her research in Musicians’ Medicine, particularly in pain and  functional disability among musicians, in colaboration with the Institute for Music  Physiology and Musician’s Medicine (Hanover, Alemanha). 

Invited teacher at Faculty of Medicine, University of Porto at post-graduated level  (responsable for courses in the field of myofascial pain and other pain syndromes, sports  medicine, postural evaluation and reeducation, and temporomandibular disorders in  athlets and artists). Invited teacher at Universidade Católica Portuguesa (Post 

graduation in Music Neurociences). Invited teacher at Conservatory of Guimarães  (founder of 2 new courses: Musicians’ Medicine and Music Physiology and Medicine). 

Member of the Performing Arts Medicine Association Young Professionals Committee. Member of the Editorial Board of 7 Scientifc Journals and invited reviewer of 8 Scientifc  Journals. Presented more than 120 lectures/oral comunications in scientific events and  published more than 20 scientific articles in peer-reviewed journals. As a medical doctor  she has promoted and performed workshops and seminars in the field of  Performing Arts Medicine and and Music Medicine. 

Awarded by the Faculty of Medicine, University of Porto (academic recognition at the  end of the Master in Medicine) and granted with the APED scholarship by the Portuguese  Association for Studies of Pain. Completed the medical internship in Physical and  Rehabilitation Medicine with the highest national classification. 

Professional pianist. Studied at Conservatory of Music Calouste Gulbenkian and School  of Music and Performing Arts (ESMAE). Completed Piano studies with the highest  graduation classification and was awarded with the Prize of Artistic Merit. Participate  regularly in international masterclasses and festivals and has performed as soloist, in  chamber music and solo with orchestra in renowned concert halls such as Casa da  música, Theatro Circo and Polonia House. Worked with Fausto Neves, António Rosado,  Nami Ejiri, Aldo Ciccolini, Luiz de Moura Castro and other prestigious pianists. Founder  of the duet MezzoPiano (piano four hands) and the quartet Medivoce, with which she  recently recorded a CD.