Dr. Manfred Hecking

Manfred Hecking was born in 1973, studied music and medicine in Berlin and was a professional double bass player until 2006 (member of the Munich Philharmonic from 1999-2001, and of the Vienna Philharmonic until 2006), which included frequent chamber music playing. Having completed a summa cum laude doctoral thesis in medicine, Dr. Hecking’s research career developed under the leadership of Prof. Dr. Säemann, who inspired him to join the Medical University of Vienna, where he is currently working on his degree in Internal Medicine/Nephrology. Hecking’s clinical research focus is on post-transplant diabetes mellitus and renal replacement therapy in general, with particular interests in fluid management in hemodialysis patients, and recently, their gender-specific differences. Several of Hecking’s publications have received national and international awards. Hecking has established a successful collaboration with Nephrologists at the University of Michigan (especially Friedrich K. Port), which includes funding by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) for a mutually developed, multicentric, randomized controlled trial on post-transplant diabetes prevention.